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Reference Tektronix: Management Development

Reference Tektronix: Management Development

October 25, 2010
Letter of Recommendation
To Whom it may concern

Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta, Change Consultant, has demonstrated success in delivering an international management development program to Tektronix
Communications Leaders. Tektronix Communications is a world wide leader of measurement and testing and monitoring. Tektronix Communications develops, produces and distributes products and systems of measurement and testing technology for telecommunication networks along with additional services. Since November 2007 Tektronix is part of the Danaher Corporation. .
Notable achievements included the creation of management training modules and the facilitation of international team and leadership enhancement efforts. Amongst participants she is widely recognized for her engaging, challenging, & enthusiastic style of delivering training, facilitating change processes & developing teams, often with a blend of humor. She is known for being accomplishment-driven, direct, & objective, as she offers practical & creative management tools & techniques successfully used internationally.

Tektronix Communications
Marion Kählke
Human Resources Manager

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