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Reference Philips Deutschland GmbH: Mediation

Reference Philips Deutschland GmbH: Mediation

Personal Reference:

In one strategically  important project two of my staff members had difficulty cooperating and communicating with each other, which, however was crucial to achieving our objectives.  As they were the experts in this project their contribution and cooperation was essential.  I found out that not only their completely different task/project  approaches but also their personal prejudices were partly causing the problem.  That is why I decided to initiate a mediation process and engaged Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta whom I knew from team building processes in the company.
She was a trustworthy, impartial partner in this tenuous situation. She quickly won the two managers’ respect and trust and handled the matter very tactfully.
Within three sessions Dr. Barth Frazzetta managed to arrange an agreement between the two contending staff members. They gained a better understanding of each another and established a pragmatic set of rules for their future cooperation.  They soon developed a respectful attitude and cooperation between them became noticeably smooth and efficient.
I wish to thank Dr. Barth Frazzetta for her sensitive and rewarding support.


Susanne Siegmund-Hähner
Human Resources Director Processes Germany
Program Manager HR / F&A
Philips Deutschland GmbH

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