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Reference Beiersdorf: Change-Management

Reference Beiersdorf: Change-Management

Personal Reference

Strategic decisions in our company required significant changes to procedures, responsibilities and reporting. After we had reflected on the implications for our department my management team and I informed our 40 employees. The necessary  adaptions were discussed and understood. However, even though our people agreed to the plans, status thinking, habitual behaviour and old antagonisms were still present. It was obvious that to implement the desired objectives we had to motivate people to move out of their comfort zone!
In Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta we found a consultant who supported us with a lot of creative ideas for moving people. In a playful and subtle way she and her expert team made our crew “look in the mirror” to become aware of weak points and obstacles while having a lot of fun. The effect the small irritation caused by reflection had was amazing: in workshops the staff talked openly about necessary attitude and mindset changes and drew up with great motivation their own to do lists to implement the strategy in our department – in the period following most of it was achieved as well!

People still talk about this event, which was professionally organized, well documented and accomplished with great reliability by Dr. Barth Frazzetta and her expert team.

Andreas Schabert, Director – Packaging Development, Beiersdorf AG

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