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My coaching in Tuscany

Satisfied with my professional achievements and quite settled in my area of work, I had the strong urge to take a look at my comfort zone and decide on my next career move from a different perspective.

Associazione Villa d´Asso is the perfect setting for liberating your mind from the ticking of the daily schedule, responsibilities at work and duties of private life.

Endlessly rolling Tuscan hills, gentle sounds, the colours of the surrounding nature and, most importantly, the wonderful hosts who sensitively provide for physical and mental space, invite you to plunge into your coaching world airily without hesitation.
Side note: actually, you could also plunge into the pool right in front of your door step – a wonderful way to exercise in between!!!

Summarizing my experience, my thoughts flowed clearly and freely in a manner that is hard to duplicate in a home environment.
What is more, I loved the rural atmosphere of the place, I loved my beautiful, spacious and very tastefully decorated apartment, and last but not least I loved my fresh, healthy, just fantastic breakfast. And I am considering returning in winter time …

Margret Boomers, COO AIG/Lincoln

We decided to hold our Sales Strategy Workshop 2010 at Associazione Villa d´Asso. It turned out to be the best decision for the purpose because we received a perfectly organized high level package in a beautiful environment embodying nature, simplicity and silence.

From the airport we were shuttled to our destination in the heart of Tuscany to find an unpretentious, elegant hotel and meeting place where we were spoiled with delicious meals and an abundant break time service with regional specialties, to say nothing of the smooth and punctual technical organization of the conference.

This alone would be reason enough to choose Associazione Villa d´Asso for team reflection and strategic planning conferences, but there is something more about this place that is subtle but important nonetheless: the distance from loud, hectic everyday life, the medieval atmosphere and the beautiful natural setting had an important impact on our meeting. It was easy to attend to our main topics efficiently and to focus on the most important goals for our business. The outcome was that all team members gained a more profound understanding and deeper commitment to the matter, which was sustained even when we got back to normal routine.

Hauke Hagemann, Philips GmbH
Business Segment Leader Office, Industry and Trade




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