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Toscana Coaching Retreats


Toscana Coaching Retreats

„In the simplicity of Tuscany,
concentration on what really matters comes so easily”“

For all the coaching formats I offer, as well as for coaching tailored to your own personal requirements, you can look forward to a warm welcome at the Villa d’Asso, my Coaching Centre in Tuscany. I offer my clients the option of a retreat because I know that this multiplies the effectiveness of the coaching provided.

The Villa d’Asso Coaching Centre nestles in the peaceful Tuscan landscape surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, olive orchards and historical sites. An environment which helps us shift perspectives on a number of levels and in which regeneration and reflection quickly begin to take place.

When working on personal questions or business topics here, you will encounter a space free of interference which encourages reflection and the development of innovative strategic solutions, as you will have the Centre completely to yourself or for your group.

The images and impressions of the Toscana Coaching Retreat form a lasting connection with the insights you gain from your coaching, making these easy to recall and implement when you return to your working routine.

All clients who have been coached by me here in Tuscany report a genuine boost effect.

I am so convinced of this myself that for one-to-one or one-to-two coaching retreats, board and lodging at the Villa d’Asso are free of charge.

You pay only for my coaching services.


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