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Executive Health Coaching

Executive Health Coaching

Executive Health Coaching is intended for both male and female managers as well as companies wishing to benefit from health as a success factor.

“There is no work-life balance – only a life balance!”
Keeping one’s own life in balance and preventing a state of exhaustion is the prerequisite for personal and professional success!

In companies, employees’ life balance has today become a major business issue, as rising absenteeism and burnout cases trigger high costs. There are therefore high potential savings for the company!

With CBF Executive Health Coaching I have developed special formats within which I combine my years of cross-sector experience as an Executive Coach with my medical competence to produce a fresh, modern, solution-orientated coaching approach.
These coaching sessions activate areas of potential while enabling sustainable cost-savings. They launch long-term, positive developments and prevent vicious circles!



3-day Self-Management Workshop for groups “Stress comes from outside – hectic behaviour from the inside!”


One-week Personal Prevention Coaching in Tuscany H.E.A.L.T.H. helps you recharge your creative energies – before exhaustion catches up with you!


1-day in-house workshop to build mental-physical mindfulness


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